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Pretty much everything here is Highlander or X-Files. Much of it is slash, too, although there're the odd bits of gen if you look around. Obviously most of the characters belong to the various powers that be; the few that don't, I hope you enjoy!

Come in, make yourself at home, lounge on the comfy sofa and browse the shelves. And to whet your appetite, a few of the denizens of the cave you'll find wandering about...


Methos in the rain, Seacouver, WA, circa 1995

Alex Krycek

Alexandr Krycek, unknown location in Russia, ca. 1995

Matthew McCormick

Matthew McCormick, 1859, Louisiana

I don't update a lot, and when I do it's not always fannish, but for the interested, I've an LJ here. And occasionally my muses wander out to play here.

Much of the fiction contained within these pages is slash -- m/m or f/f relationships, implied or explicit -- so follow the links only if you are fully aware of what this means and old enough to do so legally.  In other words, don't complain about the content of what you may find here after having been warned!  Complain about the writing, by all means, or the characterization, or the lack of a plot, or holes you could drive a truck through, or whatsoever else should strike your fancy; just don't complain about that which you were warned.

Now that you've been warned, if you still want to read,

Caveat Lector.

Last updated: 27 October 2005

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